Weekly SEO-optimized videos, simply delivered.

Generate leads with our high impact, accessibly priced video content that converts (just like your SEO specialist has been recommending all this time), to generate more leads.

High quality, on–brand videos are custom scripted from your SEO keywords using industry best practices, and then filmed by our curated talent, to consistently deliver videos that perform.

For small enterprises who want to grow.

On-brand video content that stands out online

Your keyword research + our best practices = SEO optimized video

High value videos delivered monthly, starting at $1200

90% of clients say video helps them make a purchasing decision

Source: www.socialmediatoday.com

The Value of Video Marketing is High ROI

Video helps customers experience your company’s difference before they buy. That’s why videos are an essential tool for connecting with customers and leads online – fast. 

At Value Video Marketing, we’re here to create results for your business, not obsess over vanity metrics. We’ll design your videos to improve your SEO and achieve top line growth. 

Our secret sauce is our proprietary production formula, our 8-Step Video SEO Content Creation System. 


Weekly Value Videos

Value Videos scripted, filmed, edited, and delivered monthly. Always on-brand & tailored for results. SEO scripting included.

SEO-Optimized Scripting​

Get even more mileage out of your SEO keywords. Let us turn them into video scripts that will get seen in search.

DIY Video Trainings

When you want to be on camera yourself, but need to know what gear to buy, and simply set it all up to look and sound great. Visit https://www.simplevideo.training

About Our Founder

Kristin Jekielek, Value Video Marketing Founder

After graduating college with an honors degree in astrophysics and spending 10 years consulting on software development at a Fortune 50 company (not a typo), Kristin Jekielek launched Value Video Marketing specializing in Video SEO content.

Back in the day, Kristin was making her own marketing videos to launch a new endeavor. Within just a couple weeks of posting her videos online, they quickly brought in leads. 

But something strange was happening. She had even more business owners interested in her marketing videos than in her offering. They had to know how she created them, who she was hiring. (The answer: no one, she crafted them from scratch.)

Being an entrepreneur, Kristin quickly jumped at the opportunity to serve founders by delivering videos designed with business growth in mind. 

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